Pennsylvania's Largest and Most Successful girls and boys AAU basketball Program



How much does it cost to be part of team pennsylvania?

 Here is our updated pricing structure for our 2023 Spring Season:

4th – 8th  Grade Teams $600 per player
9th-11th Grade Teams $800 per player
Uniform Costs:

$125 per player

      (Uniforms for the 2023 Spring Season will not change from prior year)

what is the winter series ?

Team Pennsylvania constructs Winter Teams on both the Boys and Girls side of our program for grades 4th Grade through 8th Grade.  Over the last few years extending 4th Grade – 8th Grade Teams from the summer into the winter has become very popular for top AAU Clubs.  The teams practice 1-2 times per week and play in at least four tournaments.  The program runs October through February.  Look for information on our website for our next Winter Series Season for the 2023-24 winter season.  


For the Spring Season, How many practices per week and where are they held?

Player development is a cornerstone of Team Pennsylvania.  For our Spring Season, each team will have two 90-minute practices per week.  Practices will start the first week of March and run through May for 5th – 8th Grade Teams and through June for 9th – 11th Grade Teams.  Practices will be held at various Harrisburg Area facilities.  Specific details about times and locations for each team will be announced at Spring Tryouts.

What makes a team pennsylvania practice unique?

 Team Pennsylvania has gained the reputation of doing something unique in their practices to produce not only the best basketball players in the area, but also the best athletes.  The secret has been injecting 20-30 minutes of speed/strength/agility training in every practice.  Under the direction of the areas top trainer – Corey Dickerson, Team Pennsylvania has truly separated themselves from other clubs with their level of development.  Coach Corey learned the importance of athletic training to develop complete players, however it was always hard to get the players to attend “extra” fitness training classes.   By injecting this training into our standard practice time, the players have no choice but to attend.  Has it yielded results?

“Team Pennsylvania players are tougher, stronger, faster, and in better overall condition than the teams they compete against.  Opposing coaches ask us what our secret is often!”

-Coach Corey Dickerson, Team Pennsylvania Director of Player Development and College Placement   

How many games and tournaments do teams attend?

 The Spring AAU Season is a tournament-based season.  5th – 8th Grade Teams will play in 6 to 8 tournaments starting in April and running through the beginning of June.  Tournaments typically take place on Saturdays and Sundays and consist of anywhere between 2 – 6 games.  For the 5th – 8th Grade age groups the club will look to plan all tournaments within reasonable driving distance to prevent the cost of overnight stay.  Teams will have the autonomy to choose to stay overnight for a tournament or two if they desire.  9th – 11th grade teams will play 8 – 10 tournaments per year starting in April and running through the College Live Period in July.  College Showcase level teams can expect to travel overnight for multiple tournaments to make sure to maximize college coach exposure.  


What Tournaments will the Teams Attend?

Official Tournament schedules will be put together by the leadership team of the program in early Spring.  For the 2023 season, the Girls Program will be playing primarily on the Select Events/Select 40 Circuit.  This is the top girls circuit in the country.  In late 2021, the Girls Program received a significant honor from Select Events when they were named as one of the 40 teams in the country.  Our girls High School circuit teams played on the Select 40 circuit in 2022 and had a successful season. Our Boys Program has been invited again to play on the Hoop Group Circuit.  Hoop Group is the top boys circuit on the East Coast.  Our top Boys High School circuit teams will play in the Hoop Group Gold and Platinum Division in the Spring of 2023.

Is there additional cost to play in tournaments?

The cost to enter all tournaments is included in the players fees.  The only additional cost for families will be the travel to and from tournaments, cost of entry for fans, parking, and incidentals.  Our Coaching Staff does an outstanding job of car pooling and helping to accommodate all players on tournament weekends.  Our club believes in “no player left behind” and we will find a way to make it work for your player if families cannot attend a tournament.

When does the Season Start and End?

Spring Tryouts will take place the first week of March.  Practices start immediately following tryouts with tournaments starting in April.  5th-8th Grade Teams will practice and play in tournaments up until the first week or two of June.  9th – 11th Grade Teams will practice and play through the end of July.  Next year we will be considering a late Fall/early Winter extension to our 7th and 8th Grade Team’s season.  This decision will be made on a team-basis and will come at an additional cost.  

Is the grade a player tries out and plays for their current grade or next years?

Players try-out and play in their current grade.  The Club reserves the right to make exceptions from time to time and have a player play above their grade level with an older age group.  

How many teams will there be at each age group?

 The Club will look to have two teams at every age group on both the boys and girls side of the club.  In the case of an age group that can field an additional “AAU competitive” team there will be times when there are three or more teams at a specific age group.   

does the club offer off-season training?

On occasion Team Pennsylvania will offer club-specific open gyms and trainings throughout the year.  However, our players work with two of the areas top training programs the majority of the off-season.  See our training tab on this website to learn about these great options.  Team Pennsylvania has formed a strong partnership with these organizations, however they operate separate and players register for classes directly through these entities.  Team Pennsylvania strongly recommends off-season training.  

Who do I go to if I have a concern regarding my team?

You may contact Team Pennsylvania staff directly to help resolve any issue that you may find yourself in throughout the season. We are an organization that is 100% for the players in our program and want to ensure they are receiving the best possible experience we can offer.