Team Pennsylvania - Select 40 - 17U

Mya Doster

Player Details

Player Email:
Jersey Number: 25
Graduation Year: 2026
Position: SF, PF
Location: Palmyra, Pennsylvania
High School: Palmyra High School
GPA: 3.8

Scouting Report

Mya Doster is one of the top Class of 2026 power forward prospects throughout Pennsylvania. She is first an outstanding rebounder. Mya was a leader in her high school conference in rebounding her Freshman and Sophomore year at Palmyra High School. In her Sophomore Year with Team PA she has continued that dominance on the boards while playing up on the 17U Select 40 Team. Standing just under 6'0" she is strong and powerful. What makes her unique at this position is she has one of the best motors in all of the club. She consistently beats guards in sprints in practice. This unique motor is on display every time she plays. Mya is an above average defender and can guard the 3, 4, and 5 and she is very comfortable switching in pick and roll sets to defend guards. The most exciting addition to Mya's game this year has been how she has expanded her offense. She has always been able to score around the hoop. She now has developed the ability to score from fifteen feet and can put the ball on the floor against her defender to get to the basket. The sky is the limit for this exciting 2026 prospect.

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Height = 5’11”

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Mya currently holds a 3.8 GPA 

Mya is a member of the key club and minithon

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Coach’s Evaluation

"When building our Team PA 17U Select 40 team, I had to have Mya. She is the type of workhorse that every coach wants on their team. She is very comfortable playing in a 94 foot/up-tempo game and truly buys in to everything we do on the floor. In addition, she is a tremendous teammate on and off the court to the other players. She would make a college program extremely happy in the future I have no doubt."
- Coach Corey Dickerson

Personal Message

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