Team Pennsylvania - Select 40 - 17U

Danielle Hinton

Player Details

Player Email:
Jersey Number: 0
Graduation Year: 2025
Position: PF, C
Location: Lancaster, Pennsylvania
High School: McCaskey

Scouting Report

Danielle Hinton is an exciting new prospect to Team Pennsylvania. After joining the club in the Spring of 2023, she was moved up to our top team after just three tournaments. The Team Pennsylvania coaching staff has been extremely impressed with how she is responding to this higher level of play.
Danielle is a strong and athletic 6 feet tall with long arms. She has learned to use her size in the paint and scores at a high clip around the basket by keeping the ball up and high. This also makes her an excellent rebounder on both ends of the floor. Danielle has also proved she can guard her position at this higher level which makes her an invaluable teammate. On her team, "bigs" are asked to step out on the perimeter on both ends of the floor. Watching Danielle do this with success is what has the Team Pennsylvania coaching staff most excited about her future.
Danielle Hinton is definitely a player to watch this season and next and can become an outstanding college prospect.

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6’0 Tall 

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Dani Hinton 

2023 Season – Team Pennsylvania 2026 Select 40


Coach’s Evaluation

"Dani is a classic five who lives near the rim. She is physical and we ask her to bang with the other team's biggest player. She has also adapted well to our five-out system and is comfortable coming out to the perimeter or high post. Dani is an outstanding student with a super fun personality making her a favorite to have on the team."
-Coach Corey Dickerson

Personal Message

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